time capsule.

my whole body aches to see you
my heart cries out for you
my thoughts reach out to our memories
i loved it
and i can't deny it
now i miss it badly
yet i can't stop myself
even when i say we're just friends
deep inside of me i know we're more

we're a mess now
i feel like fixing these shattered pieces
and cherish what's remained in us
if turning time was as easy as drinking a pill
i would have taken this time capsule
i would have done it since ages ago
i would have done it every day
and replay every bittersweet memory of you
just to see and feel like how we used to be
because i do fear of what lies ahead

it seems that in the road ahead
we don't exist
we head in different directions
and i know that i'm not ready to lose you yet
because you were my everything

you stole my heart in a blink of an eye
and by 5 days you took 50 percent of me
i can't take it back
neither can you let it go just yet

i know better
when i see your face
i know you feel the same as i do
yet you won't admit it
neither would i
at this point neither of us can't seem let go

you act as if you don't
but i know you do
and in response i act as if i don't know
even though we deeply know how we feel for each other

can we fix us?

my first love, can i ever forget you?